Cupcakes & Sweets



Our cupcakes are curated to induce cravings and are the perfect handheld dessert. Great for parties, weddings or just dessert!

Cupcakes are have a minimum order of a dozen. Half dozens are available after the minimum order.

*One flavor choice per half dozen.

Price per Dozen:



Dessert Bars

Available in three flavors: Brownies- These are super indulgent, dark chocolate filled brownies with a perfect chewiness and a hint of sea salt. Toffee Bars- Brown sugar cookie base with a layer of chocolate and toasted pecans. PB&J Bars- These are everyone's favorite! The peanut butter cookie is thick and chewy, we use our homemade raspberry jam, and crunchy peanuts on top. 

Price per Dozen:




Sugar Cookies

We hate hard sugar cookies (insert sad face here). Our vanilla bean and chocolate flavored sugar cookies come in orders of a dozen. You can get up to 4 designs per dozen. *They come in our signature boxes or for a $1 extra per cookie we can individually wrap them in a clear cellophane bag and ribbon.

Price per Dozen:



Available in the following flavors: Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry Rose, Cookies & Cream, Passionfruit (a favorite) and Earl Grey. 

*Seasonal flavors are available.

Price per Dozen:



Mini Cookies

Available in two flavors: Chocolate Chip- Classic chocolate chip cookie elevated with loads of dark chocolate and a sea salt finish. Blueberry Ugly- Unlike their hated cousin, Oatmeal Raisin, these cookies are filled with oats, toasted walnuts and delicious dried blueberries.

Price per Dozen:




Available in these flavors: Orange Blossom- Doesn't taste like citrus, but is a beautiful, light floral taste experience. Topped with white & gold sprinkles. Chocolate- Ummm. Chocolate marshmallows. They're delicious and topped with mini chocolate chips. Vanilla Bean- You can fool your boring friends into eating something gourmet. Classic marshmallow taste. Cassis (Black Currant)- We swirl these marshmallows with a delicious black currant flavor that tastes sweet, slightly tart, and super happy! *Gourmet Marshmallows are available in orders of 24.

Price for 2 Dozen: