Semi naked baby shower cake
Signature drip cake
Small wedding cake, styled photo
Wedding Cake
Wedding styled photo
Custom Cookies
Wedding Cake
Small wedding cake, styled photo
Purple Wedding Cake
Quinceañera  Cake
Erica Koren Cakery celebrates 1 year
Wedding at The Pavilion
Gumpaste flower detail
Quinceañera Cake
Wedding at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See
Branded cookies
Twin birthday cake
Rockford Wedding at the Radisson
Unicorn Birthday Cake
Harvard, IL Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake McHenry, IL
95th Birthday Cake
Prairie Street Brewhouse, Rockford
Wedding Cake Itasca, IL
R2D2 cookies
Childs Birthday Cake
Wedding Cupcakes
Buttercream cake
Smash cake

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